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What Are VidSocks?

A complete website/app platform with multimedia blog and customizable home page, about and contact pages with integrated contact forms.

Built for artists, photographers, musicians, clubs & restaurants and other small businesses.

Google Loves VidSocks!

VidSocks produce top-notch SEO-minded content that ranks incredibly well in Google page rankings. It has everything! Social Media sites auto import Website previews with descriptions. It makes things SO easy, just click to share!

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Case Studies shows how VidSocks can help create a WOW portfolio that sells! uses VidSocks E-commerce integration with Shopify to launch their new product line uses the lastest VidSocks platform upgrades to further its reach with its customers establishes it's BOLD image with the help of VidSocks innovative portfolio features for photographers

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LOW Monthly Costs

Web Apps WITH NO

uses metered Cloud Based Services

Cloud Hosting

Virtually all sites operate month-to-month for FREE or low cost.
Pay only when your site uses a LOT of data.


Complete integration with Google Analytics. Simply paste your account tracking code into the CMS settings.

Track your website performance for FREE!


Complete Shopify API integration with Shopify shopping cart built-in. Get FULL Shopify functionality directly inside your site.

Shopify API costs $8.99mo.

Social Sharing

Why pay for plugins just to allow for your users to share your content? Social sharing is built-in, along with other great features.


AdFree YouTube

We use AdFree YouTube to remove ads. This means you have complete control of your videos without any ads.

AdFree YouTube FREE!


We use and with their generous 100 comments a month.

FREE! Comments without ads

VidSocks include:

  • User-installable PWA (Progressive Web Apps) which means your site can be installed on any device without the need for expensive and complex App Stores.
  • Hosted on Global Edge Network (the cloud)
  • Automated backups with intant rollbacks to any version.
  • FREE - 100GB/Mo Bandwidth
  • FREE - 100 Site Form Submits per Mo
  • FREE Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Cert (https://)
  • Customizable with your own domain name
  • Responsive Design, built with React and Gatsby
  • Dark / Light Mode (also full support for all web accessibility guidelines)

VidSocks Features:

  • Customize all content of included Homepage, About and Contact page. Add / Modify / Delete blog posts.
  • Edit website settings, Add Google Analytics change colors, settings, logos, etc all from within the CMS.
  • Hide/Show Comments, Social Sharing, or User-interactivity (youtube video changer) on a post-by-post basis
  • Control YouTube videos with starting/stopping times, loop, mute, etc..
  • PWA Exclusive Content (make some of your content only available to your site's user base - great to boost engagement!)
  • Drop Timers - Easily create your own Drops. Make posts appear when your NFT drops. Just add the drop date and time
  • Your Stuff is SAFE - All stored in native image formats and markdown files that are downloadable at any time

More Features:

  • 100% SEO Optimized - Google LOVES VidSocks.
  • Full Privacy Compliance Support (GDPR and CCPA).
  • Contact Form - an integrated contact form on all pages of the your site, that sends everything right to your email inbox.
  • E-Newsletter Form - Build your email newsletter by allowing peole to easily sign up
  • Social Media Icons - link to all your sites and allow users to easily share your content
  • OpenGraph structured data - all of site is structured to be shared with high quality image links on social sites
  • Twitter Cards meta - Your pages will look great when shared on Twitter
  • XML Sitemaps - Your entire site is automatically indexed and links provided to search engines.

Using VidSocks

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VidSocks Details

The VidSocks platform is virtually hack-proof

Because VidSocks are built using a new method of distributed cloud-based hosting of static text and graphic files there is no server to be hacked. VidSocks are pre-rendered web applications that build the site contents ahead of time and then served as basic media files and assembled in the site visitors browser.

So there are no normal vulnerabilities in running a web server to worry about. There isn't anything for hackers to hack.